Gillian Sabet: December 12, 1987 - May 26, 2005
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Gillian Marie Sabet was born December 12, 1987. She came into the world like a breath of wind from heaven, earlier than we expected and eager to experience life from the very beginning. At home, in a family of brothers and boy cousins, we called her “Princess Gillian”, our one precious girl named after the heroine in a love story and she effortlessly embodied that role.

She was a treasure, a bundle of sparkling laughter and light that could not be contained. She had sad times, she suffered through the difficult days of her big brother’s illness and finally his cruel death, but her loving spirit overcame that awful blow. She missed him; she wrote about him; she asked questions. But, she didn’t think as much about her own sadness, as about the ways in which she could bring happiness back into our home and, later, as she grew into a young woman, how she could draw others who seemed in pain, out from their troubled thoughts and shadowy places, into the circle of light that surrounded her.

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